Executive Director Wendy Frech

Wendy in her precocious years.

Wendy in her precocious years.

Wendy joined Logical Chaos because Kevin Frech is an exceptional filmmaker, which makes promoting Logical Chaos quite easy.  She's been unofficially guiding Kevin in the ways of marketing and promotion for years, so it seemed only natural to make it "official."

Wendy is closely engaged with every project she takes on, from executive producing the Radio Mercury Awards and other high-profile events to overseeing multi-million dollar ad budgets and producing a radio station from scratch.

Wendy wants the best for clients and won't let them settle for anything less. She envisions the big picture but doesn't lose sight of the details.

Before Logical Chaos,Wendy was VP Marketing for the Radio Advertising Bureau and Marketing Coordinator for Hamilton Watch/SMH.