"Farragut North" reviews

Reviews of Kevin’s video projection for the recent, well received production of “Farragut North” -

New York Times review (9/14/2012):  "[The set] ... is flanked by stacks of video screens that intermittently light up with a sharp mix of actual network TV footage and fictional news interviews (Kevin R. Frech did the projections) that lends extra credence to the story." 

Examiner.com review (9/9/2012): “…one of the best uses of video projection we've seen was the work of Kevin R. Frech…”

"My Occasion of Sin" reviews

Reviews of Kevin’s video projection for “My Occasion of Sin”

UK Theatre Net review (4/20/2012):  "Director Frances Hill uses frequent jazz passages and projections (by Kevin R. Frech) to create mood and reality in an intimate space."

Backstage.com review (3/21/2012): “…Kevin R. Frech's colorful projections.”

Curtainup.com review (3/21/2012):  “..Kevin R. Frech’s projections do a good job exploring the world in which Monica Bauer's characters live.”

Show Showdown review (3/21/2012): “…the projections, by Kevin R. Frech, work well, adding a sense of the bigger issues and concerns.”

"Glory Denied" reviews

Washington Post (4/3/2011):  “…director Scott C. Embler used the space and excellent projections…”

DC Arts Beat review (4/4/2011):  “…projection designer Kevin Frech also creates a video floor from a ceiling projection that sparingly but effectively adds a less representational atmosphere, at key moments in the narrative.”