The Real Deal.

Client Documentaries:  From behind the scenes "making of" video to upfront interviews, we create short-form documentaries for world-renowned performing arts organizations and world-class companies and institutions. .  

Feature length documentaries: Artistic Director Kevin R. Frech's documentaries bring underserved social and economic issues to the public. Kevin's films have been official selections at The Tribeca Film Festival and The Chicago International Film Festival, aired on The Sundance Channel and PBS, and have been placed in the permanent collection of The Prinzhorn Collection of Outsider Art, Heidelberg, Germany.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: The Making of Aszure Barton's LIFT, 2013/2014 Season.  

"The Other Side of the Fence"  Director/editor: Kevin R. Frech/Logical Chaos.  Distribution: 2014, Parthenon Entertainment.

"Bowery Dish" (2007) Debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, played at the Sao Paulo Film Festival and aired for three years on The Sundance Channel. It's also been illegally downloaded at least 29,000 times. Director, producer, editor: Kevin R. Frech.